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Month: July 2016

    • 07 29
    • Herbalife Slammed By The FTC

      While I would have preferred a shutdown/lawsuit ala Vemma, the FTC did take strong action against Herbalife, the second largest MLM scam I'm aware of, second only to Amway. Here's a light reading reading list, starting with higher-level overview type documents, and drilling down into more detailed ... read more

    • 07 02
    • Another Amway IBO Slammed By IRS – Should Be MLM Industry-Wide

      Another in a series of Amway IBOs found not to be trying to make a profit, see the story and especially check the box to read the comments section, here: http://www.... read more

    • 07 02
    • Hey Amway, Happy 10 Year Anniversary

      Just a few days ago, it was 10 years since I provided my comments to the FTC regarding the Business Opportunity Rule revision comment process. Here's the comments: 2006 Business Opportuni... read more

    • 07 02
    • Vemma Close To Death Gurgle

      Vemma is stopping production of more products, as Vemma Renew, Verve Bold & Verve Remix are in a closeout "sale," according to an email I received. Here's the website link: https://vemma.myv... read more

    • 07 01
    • Amway Is Going CRAZY!!!

      A series of recent Amway stories indicates Amway is coming unhinged:

      1. This youtube video, posted July 1, 2016, which was AFTER the Russian track team was banned from the upcoming Olympics, starts off with snippets of track and field competitors: read more