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Month: August 2016

    • 08 27
    • Herbalife Update

      This week in the "life and death of Herbalife" was like a carnival ride, up and down, swinging wildly, around and around. Starting with a bit of sanity, here's Pershing Square's view on recent events, pay particular attention to the chart at the end: read more

    • 08 20
    • Another Sign Amway Is Crumbling

      In the only country I know of where Amway stock is publicly traded, probably because it is required in order for Amway to do business there, we get a peak that the worldwide 8.5% decrease two years ago and an additional 12.5% decrease last year as was no fluke, we now have Malaysia net profit decre... read more

    • 08 20
    • Vemma Summary And Update

      Here a great Vemma summary and update, it looks like another MLM scam is about to bite the dust, which is a very good thing. The document referred to in the below article regarding the Hanover Insurance Consent Order: read more