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Amway Is Cheating To Create Customers Verified And Documented

Confirming and documenting what I was taught in a group setting over two decades ago, this video is a gold mine regarding how Amway IBOs are taught to make up customers instead of legitimately sell to them: The guy doing the talking is a Ruby level IBO, hardly a low-level rouge individual. This information is valuable for a number of reasons, including:

  1. It documents what I was taught, but I had no documentation. I probably took notes, but have not even attempted to look for them. Plus, fake notes would be easier to create than a recorded voice, as there are probably other examples of this person’s voice to verify it is who it is claimed to be;
  2. Nothing has changed in 20+ years. As my information is dated, an easy excuse to make is that my information is too old to be dependable; and
  3. One of the fundamental principles in Amway, and other MLM scams for that matter, is duplication, which means large groups are taught to do the same things the same way. It’s okay to add in your own personality, but the same things should be taught in the same way. The person in the video is a Ruby level, which means not only his large group is taught how to input fake information into the computer, but many other large groups are also taught the same thing.

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