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  • MLM
    • 1. Lost Money

    • 2. Lost reputation

    • 3. Lost time

    • 4. Lost selfesteem

Suggested Information Sources

There’s lots of places to find information on MLM scams, here’s some of my favorites:

  1. A weekly radio show Peter Mingils provides with yours truly as the permanent guest/co-host:;
  2. My Facebook page:
  3. My YouTube page:
  4. My other websites: and
  5. A very high quality website that covers lots of false advertising in addition to MLM is or;
  6. A high volume MLM website that often gets parts of the story wrong and has incredibly uninformed comments, but digs deep to find numerous scams that I haven’t seen anywhere else:;
  7. A generally pro-MLM website that will publish only “friendly” articles for any MLM, as long as they are paid about $40,000/year:, and
  8. Another MLM scam, NXIVM, that has its roots in Amway:,, and


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