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Amway And The Compliant/Corrupt/Cooperating Reformed Church In America

This correspondence pretty much explains itself, and I received a “not interested” response from Ken: Ken Neevel Redacted

It should be noted that DeVos literally bought favorable treatment during his disgusting life which consisted of knowingly scamming 10s of millions of people in order to elevate himself to multi-billionaire status: Richard and Helen DeVos Fieldhouse ( Richard and Helen DeVos Fieldhouse Hope College is an RCA affiliated college, imagine that!

Ken is no longer with the RCA, he is here: Ken Neevel – Multiplication Network Ministries ( Ken Neevel – Multiplication Network Ministries and this organization states this, at MNM Statement of Faith – Multiplication Network Ministries (,


We affirm that God is both the Creator and the Judge of all people. We therefore should share His concern for justice and reconciliation throughout human society and for the liberation of men and women from every kind of oppression. Because men and women are made in the pills online image of God, every person, regardless of race, religion, color, culture, class, sex, or age, has an intrinsic dignity because of which he or she should be respected and served, not exploited. Here too we express penitence both for our neglect and for having sometimes regarded evangelism

and social concern as mutually exclusive. Although reconciliation with other people is not reconciliation with God, nor is social action evangelism, nor is political liberation salvation, nevertheless we affirm that evangelism and socio-political involvement are both part of our Christian duty. For both are necessary expressions of our doctrines of God and man, our love for our neighbor, and our obedience to Jesus Christ. The message of salvation implies also a message of judgment upon every form of alienation, oppression, and discrimination, and we should not be afraid to denounce evil and injustice wherever they exist. When people receive Christ they are born again into His Kingdom and must seek not only to exhibit but also to spread its righteousness in the midst of an unrighteous world. The salvation we claim should be transforming us in the totality of our personal and social responsibilities. Faith without works is dead.

(Acts 17:26, 31; Gen. 18:25; Isa. 1:17; Psa. 45:7; Gen. 1:26, 27; Jam. 3:9; Lev. 19:18; Luke 6:27,35; Jam. 2:14-26; John 3:3,5; Matt. 5:20; 6:33; 2 Cor. 3:18; Jam. 2:20)

It sounds a lot like the Belhar Confession, and why not, their “ministry” focuses on Africa, just as the Belhar Confession does. If you can’t walk the talk you may as well do it consistently, right Ken?


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