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Month: January 2013

    • 01 28
    • FTC Accuses Amway of Being Illegal Pyramid Scheme and RICO Fraud

      Although the actual headline that came out today (1/28/2013) can be found at:, and involved FHTM, I made VERY few modifications to come up with the story I can't wait to see for real (September 25, 2015 u... read more

    • 01 24
    • DeVos Lies, Van Andel Nods His Head In Agreement

      Caught in a massive lie, Doug DeVos, current Amway president and son of Dick, stated well over half of Amway's volume is from customers, i.e., non-IBOs, during a Wall Street Journal interview in early 2012: read more

    • 01 01
    • Amway Tool Scam – Executive Summary and Website Overview

      Be sure to visit my new blog that is focused on the UK: Here’s some other blogs that uncover scams with other MLMs: read more