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Month: October 2016

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    • DSA Trying To Push MLM Towards European/HR5230 Model

      Update: Here's the FTC Chairperson's DSA speech, it isn't looking good for H.R. 5230, or any MLM scam like Amway and Herbalife, either. Too bad the FTC still doesn't "get" the tool scam: ... read more

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    • Herbalife REALLY Steps Into It, And We’re NOT Talking A Spilled Shake

      Herbalife, the next to largest MLM scam on the planet, second only to Amway, has REALLY stepped in it, again. Bill Ackman, the FTC, and the new "Betting On Zero" movie all agree Herbalife is a scam. When a Washington, D.C. film festival showed the movie, an Herbalife lobbyist, bought half the ticket... read more

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    • Hilarious MLM Related Short Movie

      A hilarious short movie about MLMs. They only wish most people would join like this: read more

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    • TelexFree Lawsuit Documents

      Barring a last-minute settlement, the TelexFree illegal pyramid/ponzi trial will start October 24, 2016 and is expected to last at least a month. Here's some background documents:

      1. Prosecution witness list: read more