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Vemma Close To Death Gurgle

Vemma is stopping production of more products, as Vemma Renew, Verve Bold & Verve Remix are in a closeout “sale,” according to an email I received. Here’s the website link: Since this page will eventually go away, here’s a screenshot: Product Closeout 7-1-2016

The latest quarterly report indicates Vemma is not going to be around much longer: 2016 Vemma-Defendants-Quarterly-Report-July The previous quarterly reports can be found here: 2015 Vemma-Defendants-Quarterly-Report-December and 2016 Vemma-Defendants-Quarterly-Report-March

A site that has a partial review can be found here:

The lifeblood of any business, especially an MLM, is the product volume. From March to May, the dollar volume went down almost 10%, and this includes Vemma’s bank dropping them unilaterally, and unable to process orders from late March and a week into April.

Also, the 11% payout, while better than the earlier quarterly reported 4.5%, is still WAY below the pre-FTC temporary shutdown of 42%, because very few distributors have enough court-ordered customers to earn the bonus payout.

Ironically, Vemma reported they were victims of “fraudulent conduct.” That’s why Vemma was temporarily shut down last year, because the entire operation was deemed to be fraudulent by the judge.

Interestingly, Vemma stated “…to date 19,089 Customers and 1,270 Affiliates have purchased nutritional products from Vemma since the Company restarted its operations on
October 8, 2015.” While it would appear there are 15 times more customers than affiliates, these customers are obviously not shared by the distributors homogeneously, nor do we know the number of customers and affiliates in any particular month, as these numbers are the total across 8-9 months. It does appear the customers are spread among the distributors a bit more than the October 2015 timeframe, as the payout has increased from about 4.5% in the first quarter 2016 to 11% in the second quarter, compared to 42% in the pre-FTC temporary shutdown. However, most Vemma affiliates do not have customers, or at least enough customers to reach the court-ordered 51% customer profit, and it is expected the number of affiliates will continue to decline.

On the last page, the net cash (literally and figuratively the bottom line) went from a positive $182k to a negative $225k, an over $400k downturn.

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