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Month: February 2013

    • 02 21
    • Tool scam of Herbalife

      Just like Herbalife, when you take away the tool scam money, high level people quit, because you are causing a massive income decrease: read more

    • 02 16
    • Amway’s reputation in China

      Amway's reputation should soon take a nosedive in China, as they are selling air purifiers for two months pay to the Chinese, and I wouldn't doubt the filters need to be replaced much more often than the usual recommended time frame, given the filthy air, which is pristine compared to the ATS: read more

    • 02 14
    • Right on time for Valentine’s Day!

      Right on time for Valentine's Day! What do you expect from somebody named Amway? Here's a short blurb from the story, "Police have charged 33-year old Julian Amway with kidnapping, simple assault, terroristic threats and possession of drug paraphernalia." Full story here: read more

    • 02 07
    • Alticor (Amway’s parent company)

      Alticor (Amway's parent company) volume was up less sales up less than 4% (amazingly, almost exactly the amount of retail volume from a 2006 confidential study that Orrin Woodward used in his 2007 lawsuit, and got sued by Amway for using it!). The top 10 markets showed gains for first time in over 2... read more

    • 02 03
    • Glossary Of Terms And Abbreviations

      If I have used any other terms in this blog you would like defined, just make a request in the comments
      ATS - Amway Tool Scam, the symbiotic RICO scamming relationship between Amway and the LCKs. When the LCKs asked for more of the Amway profit, ... read more

    • 02 03
    • Call To Action – What Else Can We Do?

      I very much dislike whiners who don't offer solutions. If you're going to complain, offer a solution as I did above. Here's what else we can do: 1. Do a google and yahoo news search for various types of stories stories, as long as they meet the commitments made in the agreement referred ... read more