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    • MLM Misleading Income Claims

      Below is's best post. Ever (even though it doesn't touch the largest problem for the MLM scams that have one, the tool scam). While the income claim issue clearly falls under the FTC Section 5 federal law prohibiting https://beachyspharm... read more

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    • Happy Veterans’ Day – Remember MLM Problems Are Red, White, AND Blue

      If you asked someone what colors are the American flag and they answered red and blue, white and blue, or red and white, it's obvious they left out a color. An analogy to this is someone states whether MLM profit is made from recruiting others or sales, there is a third issue - internal consumption,... read more

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    • Vemma Summary And Update

      Here a great Vemma summary and update, it looks like another MLM scam is about to bite the dust, which is a very good thing. The document referred to in the below article regarding the Hanover Insurance Consent Order: read more

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    • Vemma Close To Death Gurgle

      Vemma is stopping production of more products, as Vemma Renew, Verve Bold & Verve Remix are in a closeout "sale," according to an email I received. Here's the website link: https://vemma.myv... read more