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Happy Veterans’ Day – Remember MLM Problems Are Red, White, AND Blue

If you asked someone what colors are the American flag and they answered red and blue, white and blue, or red and white, it’s obvious they left out a color. An analogy to this is someone states whether MLM profit is made from recruiting others or sales, there is a third issue – internal consumption, that can’t be left out of the discussion. Here is a recent example, which is very common: Note how they leave out the issue of internal sales versus sales to external, non-distributor customers, and they are very squishy on WHO the “sales” go – real customers or internal distributors. This is typical MLM-speak, use tricky words and phrases, do a little verbal two-step, and BINGO! Everything is okay, except it isn’t. The recent Vemma and Herbalife situations make it clear external customers are critical, as did the 1979 Amway decision and other MLM scams shut down over the years. Enjoy Veterans’ Day and every other day of the year our veterans gave us (you’re welcome) so we can enjoy our freedoms, just don’t let MLM scams take away your time and financial freedoms.

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