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Amway Sues Resellers Of Their Scammy Products

In a show of hubris, Amway has sued another reseller of scammy Amway products, an apparent couple with the last name of Park:  The lawsuit can be found here: Amway-Park Lawsuit 7-4-2019 The lawsuit has no merit, as the Supreme Court has previously determined a company has no rights to their products after they sell the products: Amway has a rule that states the IBOs cannot sell products to someone else if they think that person may resell them, but that’s between Amway and the IBOs, not the IBOs and the Parks. Amway has no standing with the Parks and this lawsuit should be thrown out. Amway can’t force the Parks to disclose who they bought the Amway products from any more than the press is required to turn over their information sources.

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