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Hey Amway, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming!

Looks like Trump has nothing to worry about compared to Amway, as the Russians are going after Scientology’s tool scam, and Amways may be next. See this paragraph: “The FSB said the probe was initially launched into the church’s earnings from selling educational materials to new recruits.”at this story: (Russian Authorities Raid Church Of Scientology In St)

Reading the entire story, it appears both Scientology and the Jehovah’s Witnesses either don’t know how or don’t want to “play ball” (aka bribe the government officials).

So, will Russia go after Amway’s tool scam, or is Amway already paying off Russian officials to protect themselves? Time will tell.

P.S., here’s a letter that Scientology sent to “buck up” the Russians apparently in jail, awaiting Russian “justice:”

P.P.S., here’s a Scientology document that shows how thoroughly they cover the tax deductibility of “contributions:” I’ve never seen anything like it, at least published to all of the participants, in any other organization, church or otherwise. I assume most organizations handle these issues behind the scenes, this document appears to have at least 2 purposes:

  1. Ensure they don’t get in trouble with the IRS, as so many people don’t believe Scientology should be getting tax exemption in the first place; and
  2. It is a marketing ploy to show the Scientologists how many organizations under the umbrella organization they can give money to, surely at least one of the numerous listed sub-organizations should be funded by any true-believer Scientologist, tax deductible or not.

Be sure to read the words of Hubbard himself at the end of the document, and while reading it realize he is a failed WWII U.S. Navy officer and then became a fiction writer (you can’t make this stuff up, although he did!).



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