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Amway Answers Your Questions…NOT!

Amway has a website where they claim to answer your questions, but the answers are incomplete, false, and misleading, to the extreme:

The video with the kids is, well, juvenile. They think that hiding a scam behind some innocent kids will help, and it probably does, for some people. After all, kids can’t even join Amway, so they don’t have a bias, right? I agree with this minor point, but:

  1. Kids also don’t have a clue how business works in general, let alone Amway’s illegal pyramid and RICO fraud scam. As the video says, leadership/selling/technology/business doesn’t NEED to be so complicated (, but it is, especially when you’re trying to hide an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud.
  2. I do like the mask (, it fits Amway’s hidden agenda perfectly.
  3. Amway is so simple (, it is simply an illegal pyramid scam and RICO fraud, as described throughout my websites.
  4. How do people make money ( They left out by internal consumption (illegal pyramid) and the tool scam (RICO fraud).
  5. Sell products ( Less than 3.4% are sold to external customers, not much money there! But I know from personal experience and the experiences of others, Amway does NOT enforce the retail sales rule.
  6. A brief moment of clarity, getting money from the tooth fairy, too ( In Amway, it’s called getting money from an illegal pyramid and RICO fraud. You will probably lose your money, almost as sure as kids lose teeth.
  7. Who do people like to buy stuff from ( How about people who don’t charge them WAY too much? Now you know why the retail sales are so low.
  8. It’s not very powerful ( if most of the products are being purchased by IBOs.
  9. People learn in Amway by learning the lies the company and their upline teach them (
  10. Why is learning from mistakes important ( Because then you can help others not join Amway, so they don’t repeat the mistake of joining Amway and other MLM scams.
  11. Super better is as super does (, as in super better at educating others about Amway’s scam. You’re welcome.
  12. How do you know you’re buying an overpriced product? Buy it from Amway, and they’ll tell you it’s a quality product: (
  13. Amway can’t argue with the kids regarding quality ( because they didn’t give any reasons, probably because kids this age don’t even know what the word means.
  14. Satisfaction doesn’t make a product better (, satisfaction is one of the results of a product being better, assuming it isn’t extraordinarily overpriced like most of Amway’s products. Notice the kids can’t even say the word, let alone know what it means.
  15. Satisfaction guaranteed, easy to understand, until you see the fine print (
  16. Amway. Real products. Real people ( who have no issue with scamming you.
  17. Find more real answers ( Below.

Regarding the questions and answers,

It only “seems” like Amway’s products are expensive? Do some price comparisons, they are expensive. Amway used to crow about concentration, cost per use, etc., but they’ve completely abandoned that and clamped onto the “quality” issue only in their answer. Guess who pays for all of that “quality?” If you’re not sure, look in a mirror.

You feel pressured to join by a friend? Just think about how it will ruin your relationship with them when you quit and get some of your money back. You won’t get back much, if any, tool scam money, overhead costs such as travel costs, hotel, meals, etc., not to mention be compensated for your lost and wasted time. Also notice the complete lack of clarity regarding WHO is buying the products, the IBOs who have a conjoined opportunity (the product value PLUS the hope of future wealth) or customers (ONLY the product value).

What does Amway sell? It depends what the definition of “sell” is. If it’s anybody (IBOs and customers), it’s a whole lot. If it’s just customers, not much.

Are you required to buy the training seminars, books, audio/video recordings? Technically no. But in practical terms, yes. The upline won’t help you if you don’t buy their tools, in my and many others’ personal experiences. Amway may be able to help you sell a couple of things, but they can’t do much about sponsoring others. Most people are shown how to be extremely wealthy, not make a few bucks on the side by selling a couple of products.

How do the IBOs make money? Mostly from their downline internal purchases (illegal pyramid scam) and tool scam (RICO fraud, for the upper scum layer only).

Why do some people post “negative” facts about Amway online? How about because they’re true? Let’s define “negative” while we’re at it. It means any idea, concept, or point of view that is not lock-step with Amway. It makes zero difference whether it’s true or not. 83% of current ABOs may rate their Amway experience as positive, but FORMER ABOs don’t. At least 83% would rate it as negative, especially to the money and time they lost, probably more like 99%.

Why do you have to buy through an Amway IBO? No, you don’t, you can sign up as a customer without connecting to an IBO. I can’t, but you can. Amway “banned” me from signing up as a customer because I was the “badboy” they sued and lost. LOL

What can you do to quit the Amway scam business? Just quit. Get as much of your money back as you can, but it won’t be much compared to what you spent, assuming you did something.

Do people make money with Amway? Only the top <1% scum buckets, and most of that comes from their tool scams. The rest have a net loss, with very few exceptions.

Does Amway have any real customers? Very few. Amway’s own study showed less than 3.4% of the products are sold to customers, and many of the people in the 3.4% category were from falsified documents. Most of the 71 million who have products are former Amway IBOs who lost money trying to make this skunk of a scam business work. The “discount” (prices still above the competition) is also available to customers, so there is no reason to join as an IBO to get the discount, unless you like to pay Amway $50-60 every year for renewal.

Why not use the Amway name? Because it’s utterly toxic. Kryptonite. Just google “Amway” and see what I mean.

The “glowing praise” folks are lying, Amway is a scam. Period.

People quit Amway because they lose money. Many do not realize they were scammed, because Amway tells them it’s their fault if they don’t succeed.

Amway products are very unsafe, they will drain your wallet until it starves to death.

Depends what is meant by “real money.” Normally it means significant money. It’s almost impossible to sell the products to customers, most of the products are purchased by IBOs.

You haven’t heard of Amway products because a lot of people work very hard to keep the name from being well-known. See the 5th question above this one. Why would Amway want people to know about over-priced products surrounded by a scam?

Amway is already quickly becoming irrelevant, it has shrunk about 30-35% over the past 3 years.

A fee is charged in some countries, not charged in others. For example, when the UK tried to kick Amway out about a decade ago, one of the things Amway agreed to in order to avoid being kicked out was to not charge a signup or renewal fee. Similar rules apply in India. Most of the time, prospects aren’t even shown the option of only paying the signup fee, so they end up paying the fee plus the cost of a bunch of products, which totals well over $100.

Most people who join Amway will never make a living with Amway, because most people are scammed and have to quit, as they literally can’t afford to stay in.

Amway products are sold in stores in many countries. These locations are commonly called “Experience Centers: “ China doesn’t even allow MLM, so the products are sold in lots of stores. You can also buy many Amway products for a very low price online, such as eBay and Amazon.

Of course Amway IBOs emphasize recruiting more than selling to customers, for all of the reasons listed above. The example of a million people producing no profit is false. Platinums and above, about 1% of the IBOs, don’t have to sell anything to a real customer to get their bonus. In fact, they make even more money when their downline doesn’t have retail sales, assuming the rules are followed.

The answer about inventory is about the only one that is somewhat accurate. Good going, Amway! You’re one for whatever!

Yes, the people at the top make all of the money, thanks to the almost total lack of retail sales and the tool scam. 99+% lose money.

Don’t be fooled, this is what Amway culture truly looks like:

How long does it take for IBOs to be successful? That depends on whether you believe in reincarnation. Most quit when they go broke, is it called successful when you quit and stop losing money?

Why do people mistake Amway as an illegal pyramid scam? The very question assumes Amway isn’t an illegal pyramid scam, when it clearly is. A lack of facts can cause confusion. Amway loves to withhold facts. Global sales were less than $9 billion last year. Regarding the video regarding why Amway denies being an illegal pyramid scam, the fact is that significant retail sales to real customers are needed to be a legitimate MLM, all of the other issues in the video are a distraction away from this fundamental fact. But I’m sure the video fools some of the prospects and IBOs.

















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