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The Financial Guy Sees The Amway Writing On The Wall

Well, that didn’t last very long: I wonder who is next to leave the “good ship” USS Amway? And I wonder what the story behind the story is? Did he steal money? Get in a fight or couldn’t handle the stress about Amway going down in volume 30-35% over the past 3 years? Sleep with one of DeVos’ or Van Andel’s daughters? Or sons? We’ll probably never know, so submit your rumor! Here’s Mark in happier days: amw_executiveprofiles_mark_stevens_c

August 7, 2017

To             All U.S. Employees
Mike Cazer, Chief Operating Officer


I would like to inform you that Mark Stevens, Chief Financial Officer, will depart Amway on Monday, August 7. Mark has decided it is in the best interest of him and his family to leave Amway.
We will begin the search for a new CFO. To ensure a smooth transition, Nick Thole will lead all Financial functions (Tax, Treasury, FP&A, Supply Chain-R&D Finance, Controller and Internal Audit) as the CFO on an interim basis reporting to me. Edward VanDam and the global shared services organization will report directly to Michael Nelson with a matrix reporting relationship to Nick Thole effective immediately.
We thank Mark for his contributions to Amway and wish him and his family the best.

4 thoughts on “The Financial Guy Sees The Amway Writing On The Wall

  • He left because Amyway was too good for him and he couldn’t keep up with its growth. Amway has provided countless financial success stories for regular individuals who had no skills and were losers prior to joining

    • Raven Starre (you’re kidding, that’s not your real name, right?), I know you’re also an MLM scam artist. Amway has gone DOWN 25% over the past 3 years, and when inflation is factored in, 30-35%, or by about 1/3. Amway is a scam, it can’t be “too good” for anybody except low-lifers like yourself. Amway has provided a scam platform for a handful of scam artists while literally 10s of millions have been scammed over the past few decades by Amway alone. Include other MLM scams and we’re talking 100s of millions scammed.

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