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Kelley And Jennette Bremer, Amway Scam Artists

Check out this video, try not throwing up in your mouth: How disgusting is it to wrap yourself in the American flag while celebrating a scam? It’s not enough to have a video, but it was also translated into another language so people in other countries could be scammed as well.

Here’s a site related to the Bremers’ tool scamming upline, Toby and Mia Ayers, and their upline, the fat dorks Larry and Pam Winters: Notice there hasn’t been any updates since the spring of 2016, so one has to wonder if this group is still “relevant.” Also notice in the pictures that most of the group is made up of minorities, an indication this group is desperate and probably shrinking and Kelley may have to reassemble the alarm clock he destroyed in the video above and get a real job again.

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