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Betsy’s Belated Bumbling Non-Apology Apology

Well, that only tooks Mrs. Amway heiress, aka Betsy DeVos, aka brother of Erik Prince (who this week proposed using a private militia to take over from the U.S. military in Afghanistan), aka United States of America Secretary of Education, about a half a year to sorta kinda but not really apologize for:, which states in part:

In February, DeVos received criticism after she said that historically black colleges and universities were “real pioneers when it comes to school choice.”

 She says now she regrets that statement.

“Racism was rampant and there were no choices” of colleges for African-Americans in the past,” DeVos told the Associated Press.

She added she “should have decried much more forcefully the ravages of racism in this country.”

Not only is she extremely slow to pick up how incredibly ignorant and/or racist her billionaire pampered life has left her, she can’t even say the simple words, “I apologize.” We hear the same things from people like rapists and robbers. They only regret getting caught, and she only regrets being clueless, except she doesn’t, because she probably doesn’t even comprehend that she’s clueless. That’s what being clueless means.

And this is coming from a Republican conservative who is in favor of the school choice policies she is obviously ineptly trying to implement. Come on, Mr. President, you can do better than her. I’m definitely NOT with her.

On a more personal note, I attended a high school named after a former county education leader, Dixie M. Hollins. Our mascot was The Rebels, and the school flag the Confederate flag. While I was in my first year of being bussed to the south side of town entering the 7th grade to attend 16th Street Junior High (that’s how much attention schools in the Black section of town were given, they didn’t even have real names, just the original name of the street they were built on), riots broke out when the Black kids were bussed to Dixie Hollins, where my older brother attended. Red neck parents drove in circles around the campus with Confederate flags outside the windows, probably saying some not-so-nice things about them. The ironic thing is Mr. Hollins spoke out in favor of education for Blacks in the 1920s when he was in charge of the county secondary education effort, which got him blackballed, never to rise into the state level of education for the remainder of his life. Here’s some historical facts:,


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