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Happy New Year, MLM Scams Exposed Start With ACN


I was asked about ACN recently, and had this website screen capture for over a year: acn-pyramid-scheme The reason I don’t direct you to the website is because the website owner was threatened with a lawsuit from ACN, here’s his twitter feed: (or aps-acnpyramid-_-twitter). Here’s another story about ACN: There’s little doubt ACN is a scam.

Update: ACN doesn’t want an open discussion on whether they are an illegal pyramid: Note the difference between what is visible, depending on whether I’m signed in, and tell me which version you see by emailing me at Is ACN a Pyramid Scheme_ – YouTube Not Signed In vs. Is ACN a Pyramid Scheme_ – YouTube Signed In and note how all of my posts are not visible when I’m not signed in.

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