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Amway Is Whining, Ain’t It Great?

Use this link: In a case that actually goes back to another 1996 case that was settled in 1998, (and eventually led to me learning about the Amway Tool Scam in 2005 when my upline diamond was kicked out and squealed in his blog that he made at least twice as much from the ATS than from Amway):, Amway is now whining that their insurance company isn’t covering the liability and legal costs: of another settlement involving enforcement of the previous lawsuit: Amway probably lost bigly in the second settlement as well, as the judge previously rejected most of Amway’s lame claims before the case even went to trial. However, Amway learned a lesson from Orrin Woodward, who sued Amway literally a day after he was fired/resigned, depending on who you asked, by filing the lawsuit during negotations with the record companies:

Poor, little slimy Amway, scammed by AIG, an even more slimy insurance company that was bailed out during the 2008 economic crisis by all of us, at least the ones who pay taxes.

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