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Amway Falls For Third Straight Year

Amway’s volume fell 8.5% in 2014, an additional 12% in 2015, and about 7.4% in 2016: (Amway sales dip for third consecutive year) The total decrease from the peak in 2013 is 25.4%. This website and other efforts are contributing to people being aware that most MLMs are scams. Amway is one of the oldest, the largest, and most abusive of them all. Read about Amway’s scam in more detail here: Keep telling every non-Amway person you know. When enough people know that most MLMs are like Amway and are scams, these illegal pyramids and RICO frauds will collapse. Here’s another very misleading headline that implies Amway is doing just fine: Amway’s shrinking volume also reported here: (Amway in 2016)

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