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Herbalife REALLY Steps Into It, And We’re NOT Talking A Spilled Shake

Herbalife, the next to largest MLM scam on the planet, second only to Amway, has REALLY stepped in it, again. Bill Ackman, the FTC, and the new “Betting On Zero” movie all agree Herbalife is a scam. When a Washington, D.C. film festival showed the movie, an Herbalife lobbyist, bought half the tickets, then didn’t attend. This has created a firestorm on a number of media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal: and New York Post: Here’s an interview with the filmmaker, Ted Braun: Can you say backfire? The Herbalife lobbyist just morphed into an anti-lobbyist. By the way, the lobbyist, Podesta, is run by a woman who is divorced from John Podesta’s brother, who now works for John, who is also a lobbyist and is Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. YUCK!

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