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This Looks Like A Game Changing Court Decision

The Stream/Ignite case has been in the courts since 2009. For background information, see The recent decision essentially shifts the burden of proof for a class action lawsuit to the defendant, absent any evidence from the defendant contrary to what the plaintiff is claiming:

There were some judges who disagreed with the majority, but their arguments are quite empty. For example, they said:

  1. Those joining should have known Stream/Ignite was an illegal pyramid, but then go on to say the company has been around for more than a decade, and a common refrain from MLMs is, “We have to be legitimate, look how long we’ve been around. We would have been shut down by now if we were illegal.”
  2. The dissenting judges also ignored the fact that most people turn down MLM offerings, many of them thinking it may not be legal, thereby “filtering out” the doubters.
  3. They also claimed the plaintiffs can’t define an illegal pyramid, and the FTC has refused to better define the term (which is an issue), but then expect people with no business or legal expertise to identify one. The fact is, most people can’t define what an illegal pyramid is, and a common definition that is totally incorrect is an illegal pyramid doesn’t involve any products or services. Even the DSA has taken the position no retail sales to non-participants are necessary for an MLM to be legal, and has even pushed a bill into Congress: with a couple of dozen plus co-sponsors: If there is this much confusion in the marketplace, how can these judges expect a filtered out population of regular folks to know the difference?
  4. The uplines’ brazen claims of being a pyramid are meant to dissuade people from thinking Stream/Ignite is one, as who would bring up this issue if it were true?

What I can say is the plaintiff attorneys need to talk with me, so we can squish these issues, and many others, like the cockroach excuses they are, during the trial. I’ve seen all of these issues while in and after leaving Amway, it’s all standard MLM scam techniques.

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