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What Is The Basis Of Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars Of ATS Profits?

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From the UK lawsuit:, paragraph 42, it states, “For the period from 2001 to 2006 (a) 95% of all bonus income was earned by just 6% of the IBOs; and (b) 75% of all bonus income was earned by less than 1.5% of IBOs.

Using Amway’s own 2012 document:–AmwayBusinessOpportunityBrochure.pdf, on page 3 it states, “Almost $40 billion paid out in worldwide bonuses and incentives since 1959….” Using the 75% number above, and $40 billion for the total bonuses (incentives are trips and other bonuses, mostly paid to upper level LCKs), the LCKs have been paid about $30 billion. As it has been demonstrated each LCK makes 2-9+ times more from the ATS than Amway, this leaves us with a range of $60-$270+ billion from the ATS.

In the interest of full disclosure (unlike Amway), it should be noted some large countries are not known to have the ATS, as China banned all forms of MLM, and the products are sold in China via a store concept. however, there is evidence the tool scam is alive and well in China, as they have 3 day long “product seminars,” see the 7/25/2013 story here: Also, assuming the LCKs are following the recent rules in places in the UK and India, and my personal experience is the LCKs don’t follow the rules and Amway doesn’t enforce the rules, the amount of ATS profit is probably less than shown. However, even assuming the overall profit is half, which is probably undercounting the total profit made to date, the range becomes $30-$135 billion coming out of the pockets of IBOs and into the pockets of the LCKs.