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    • Suggested Information Sources

      There's lots of places to find information on MLM scams, here's some of my favorites:

      1. A weekly radio show Peter Mingils provides with yours truly as the permanent guest/co-host: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.... read more

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    • DSA Acting Like NXIVM To Keep “Secrets” Secret

      The DSA (Direct Selling Association, aka Don't Sell Anything) has a new "training" program designed to teach and certify MLM scams how to do MLM the "right" way. It is a four-session course, each session lasting three hours for a total of 12 hours of instruction: Link: read more

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    • NXIVM MLM Docuseries – Just Like Amway, Only “Better”

      Two recent NXIVM MLM scam docuseries were recently made, although much more information is available for your reading pleasure here: The first series, called The Vow, has nine episodes, was produced by HBO, and can viewed for free here... read more

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    • Amway and Black Lives Matter

      Amway is the typical white guy trying to act Black, as if they had rhythm, but don't. Notice how the Black is capitalized but not the white? Those are the new "rules":  read more

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    • MLM Scam Misunderstandings

      Here's an article from what many consider a respected source, but the authors obviously have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to MLM scams, so I'll deconstruct the content, line by line. Here's the link to the story: read more

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    • How Many Distributors (ABO/IBOs – Amway/Independent Business Owners Does Amway Have?

      The number over 3 million has been used for several years, just do a google search for yourself, here's some examples:

      1. A recent announcement from Amway: read more