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    • 06 20
    • Amway Troubles Everywhere

      According to this Amway Employee Memo, Amway has plenty of problems. Namely, Trump's position of actually enforcing existing illegal immigrant law is having an adverse impact on Amway's scam in the USA: ... read more

    • 05 21
    • Amway Wiki Leaks – Part II

      Some new questions and answers from Amwayland employees, to follow up on the previous post, below, and things are still not going well, as can be seen by the new information: 5/18/2017 Q. Wondering now that morale is really low with the recen... read more

    • 04 29
    • Amway Is Whining, Ain’t It Great?

      In a case that actually goes back to another 1996 case that was settled in 1998, (and eventually led to me learning about the Amway Tool Scam in 2005 when my upline diamond was kicked out and squealed in his blog that he made at least twice as much from the ATS than from Amway): read more

    • 04 28
    • Herbalife Gets Run Out Of The Great Run This is what can happen when people work together on social media.... read more

    • 04 02
    • Happy New Year, MLM Scams Exposed Start With ACN

        I was asked about ACN recently, and had this website screen capture for over a year: acn-pyramid-scheme The reason I don't direct you to the website is because the website owner was threatened w... read more

    • 04 01
    • April Fool’s Day Hoax – Or Real MLM “Drug” Addict?

        I couldn't make up a better April Fool's Day hoax than this Youtube video: and note my April 1 comment: "So much for Bruce Deery not doing MLMs any more: read more

    • 03 17
    • Amway Continues To Use Camps To Scam IBOs

      The camp described below reminds me of going to Camp Crystal in northeast Florida several times: I literally have a couple of teeshirts to prove I was there. It's where your Amway upline makes you feel good, so you stay in Amway, so they... read more

    • 03 14
    • Trump Is Going To Unleash MLM Scams On The World!!!

      Below is an email I sent to a very wealthy investor I have been in contact with for several years who will go nameless. I intended to write this critique of a recent article written by Michelle Celarier: read more