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    • 11 09
    • MLMs Need Disease Cure Claims To Survive

      As pointed out elsewhere on this website, MLM products are usually overpriced, and a favorite method of overcoming this is to simply claim the products cure all kinds of diseases, including the "big boys" Amway and Herbalife, as shown here: read more

    • 11 07
    • DSA Proves They Don’t Enforce Their Own Health Claims Rules

      As if we didn't already suspect widespread DSA nonenforcement of MLM health claims and the DSA's "self regulation" was total BS, here's the proof. Of course, the list includes the two largest MLM scams on the planet, Amway and Herbalife: read more

    • 10 24
    • DSA Trying To Push MLM Towards European/HR5230 Model

      Update: Here's the FTC Chairperson's DSA speech, it isn't looking good for H.R. 5230, or any MLM scam like Amway and Herbalife, either. Too bad the FTC still doesn't "get" the tool scam: ... read more

    • 10 12
    • Herbalife REALLY Steps Into It, And We’re NOT Talking A Spilled Shake

      Herbalife, the next to largest MLM scam on the planet, second only to Amway, has REALLY stepped in it, again. Bill Ackman, the FTC, and the new "Betting On Zero" movie all agree Herbalife is a scam. When a Washington, D.C. film festival showed the movie, an Herbalife lobbyist, bought half the ticket... read more

    • 09 05
    • Herbalife And Spiderwebs, What a Wicked Web They Weave….

      The activities in two very large states, and probably the two most influential states when it comes to Herbalife, are a tangled mess:

      1. This one is out of California, where Herbalife is based: read more

    • 08 27
    • Herbalife Update

      This week in the "life and death of Herbalife" was like a carnival ride, up and down, swinging wildly, around and around. Starting with a bit of sanity, here's Pershing Square's view on recent events, pay particular attention to the chart at the end: read more

    • 07 29
    • Herbalife Slammed By The FTC

      While I would have preferred a shutdown/lawsuit ala Vemma, the FTC did take strong action against Herbalife, the second largest MLM scam I'm aware of, second only to Amway. Here's a light reading reading list, starting with higher-level overview type documents, and drilling down into more detailed ... read more

    • 05 07
    • Herbalife Slammed by FTC, Stock Goes Higher

      Herbalife announced generally higher product volume numbers during their quarterly report on May 5, 2016, but also reported they are in deep doo-doo with the FTC and probably other agencies, federal and state. The stock went up about 9% based on the numbers, but whoever was trading the stock ignored... read more

    • 04 28
    • Ackman Ties Valeant Senate Committee Testimony To Herbalife

      Bill Ackman testified in front of the Senate Special Committee on Aging yesterday, to answer questions about Valeant. His written and verbal testimony tied Valeant to Herbalife, here's the written statement: http://www.aging.... read more