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DSA Acting Like NXIVM To Keep “Secrets” Secret

The DSA (Direct Selling Association, aka Don’t Sell Anything) has a new “training” program designed to teach and certify MLM scams how to do MLM the “right” way. It is a four-session course, each session lasting three hours for a total of 12 hours of instruction: Link: DSCP Certification Program: DSA Screen shot: DSCP Certification Program_ DSA

Note the NXIVM-like policy of high costs and prohibition of sharing these “secrets” with others: NXIVM Corp. v. Ross Institute – Wikipedia. It is unknown whether the DSA (aka Amway) will try to sue me for copying their web page as NXIVM did for those taking and publishing their “secrets,” time will tell. In fact, with the DSA being the MLM bought and paid for MLM lobby organization propped up by annual dues, it’s not even reasonable there is any charge for this “training,” except to create a contract to prevent the attendees from legally spreading the “secrets” to others. Just as it’s a head-scratcher for a normal person to understand why the NXIVM “secrets” should be kept secret if their mission was to save the world, the same head-scratching can be applied to the DSA’s “secrets.”

It is well-known that lawyers’ job is to make the simple complex and engineers, such as myself, make the complex simple, much like Rush Limbaugh does. With this in mind I will reduce the 12-hour DSA course to a single sentence that most people can read in less than 12 seconds: “Each MLM distributor must sell at least as much as they personally consume and any tool profits must be disclosed to all distributors and prospects.” There, that was 11 hours, 59 minutes, and at least 48 seconds of saved time, plus the benefit of not having to eat 12 hours of DSA word salad.  I can even narrow it down to less than 12 words: “Sell as much as you consume and stop tool scams.” Instead, what the DSA is doing is teaching people how to get around these two simple principles that make up at leas 95% of the problems that are part and parcel of the MLM scam industry.



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