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NXIVM MLM Docuseries – Just Like Amway, Only “Better”

Two recent NXIVM MLM scam docuseries were recently made, although much more information is available for your reading pleasure here:

The first series, called The Vow, has nine episodes, was produced by HBO, and can viewed for free here: A season two is planned for 2021.

The second series, called Seduced, has four episodes, was produced by Starz, and can be viewed for free here: There have been no announcements of a season two, however a related website, including sources for more information and help can be found here: This series comes more from the perspective of somebody scammed by NXIVM and there are numerous parallels between how NXIVM operated and how Amway operates, and anyone who has been in Amway or another MLM scam for that matter will see the similarities.

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