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How Many Distributors (ABO/IBOs – Amway/Independent Business Owners Does Amway Have?

The number over 3 million has been used for several years, just do a google search for yourself, here’s some examples:

  1. A recent announcement from Amway: [What we want you to know about Amway] which states more than 3 million;
  2. This Amway resource: [Amway_2019_Media_Guide_Spreads] which states “millions” of distributors; and
  3. This recent story in the New York Times: [Amway Made China a Billion-Dollar Market. Now It Faces a Crackdown. – The New York Times] which references 1.5 million IBOs in China alone, China is known to be about 1/3 of Amway’s volume, and because China is supposed to prohibit MLM and allow only direct sales, which means there should be more volume/IBO and there should be much more than 3 times the 1.5 million Chinese IBOs, which would imply a minimum of 4.5 IBOs worldwide.

But now Amway is claiming only more than 1 million distributors: (look under “WHERE IS AMWAY GLOBALLY?” [Amway Questions & Answers _ Amway _ Amway United States]

Why the massive change? Here’s some possibilities:

  1. Did Amway have so many IBOs over the years that it was obvious they had little to no retail sales, so they had to reduce the number to support the lie there are significant retail sales?
  2. Was Amway increasing the numbers to make it appear they were growing and therefore the opportunity was attractive?
  3. Was Amway counting all of the IBOs accumulated over the year and counting them the day before they removed those who didn’t renew?
  4. A combination of the above, or something else?





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