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Amway and Black Lives Matter

Amway is the typical white guy trying to act Black, as if they had rhythm, but don’t. Notice how the Black is capitalized but not the white? Those are the new “rules”:,context%20risks%20following%20the%20lead%20of%20white%20supremacists. Why we capitalize ‘Black’ (and not ‘white’) – Columbia Journalism Review

Here’s the story, notice how people keep pointing out that the BLM organization is a Commie/Marxist organization and Amway keeps ignoring it:  Amway stands in solidarity with the Black community

One can agree with a slogan and an idea and still disagree with the group who is misusing the term for their own Commie/Marxist reasons, but Amway refuses to do that and keeps dodging the question, so as to not offend anybody who has darker skin. It should be noted Amway gave money to other organizations than BLM, so it’s not as if they are unaware of what BLM supports.

A quote from one of the organizers stating quite plainly that they are trained marxist organizers, here’s the transcript:,  and video: they wrote a book describing how they studied Mao, Marx, and Lenin: and some addtional background on the group:

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