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Zeek Rewards Trust Fund Request

I received the following from Peter Mingils, who hosts my weekly live and recorded (podcast) radio show ( regarding the ZeekRewards MLM scam, in which there appears to be an overly aggressive Receiver:

Hello again Peter.

The oral arguments for the ZeekRewards’ appeal  is set for Tuesday, January 29, 2019.   It is a fantastic opportunity for us to advance the appeal- an opportunity that is not given to the majority of cases in federal court appeals.  With that said, as you know, it shows we have come a long way to advance the cause for the ZeekRewards net winners although we have been poorly funded.


The oral arguments give us a very good chance to move toward the victorious mark.  We have want and need to be sufficiently funded so we can commit as much of our time and resources to this last step in the appeal.

To that end any financial assistance that you can provided or help with our clients’ endeavor will be greatly appreciated.

The link to make a contribution towards the same is:

Thank you very much for your assistance with this matter.



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