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Le-Vel – It’s A “Killer” Of A Business

This story could be about virtually any MLM, but it’s about Le-Vel and an earlier unknown MLM. Le-Vel is also known as Thrive, one of their product lines. I noticed this first as a national story of a pregnant wife with 2 daughters, and another one the way: However, a few days ago, it became known she had just come back to Colorado from a Phoenix, Arizona Le-Vel after spending a couple of months with her family in North Carolina, presumably with her daughters, and the husband left behind working in Colorado. Although the media refers to a “business trip” and “work trip,” she was actually an MLM scam meeting: There were early rumors that the husband, Chris Watts, was having an affair with a co-worker, and more recently he was (also?) having a gay affair:  And here’s a nice little added touch, she was supposed to go to the doctor the day she was murdered so she could hear her baby’s heartbeat:

She was previously married and divorced, and the new hubby and her had filed for bankruptcy in 2015, and the filing shows they were in another, unknown MLM scam previously, see the reference to “direct selling” here, page 33: Watts Bankruptcy Forms  They started with Le-Vel in 2016, according to her Facebook account and this video:

In this video, she is very dismissive of Chris, so reports that they had a “loveless” marriage is not surprising. Watch the last 2 minutes of this video, she is very dismissive of him, and then comments to not choke the dog at the end, which he was not doing. Several months later, he choked her and their 2 daughters to death. Coincidence? I think not: Note: the value of the dog was set at $5, see page 21 of the above bankruptcy forms. Not that being dismissive to your spouse is a valid reason to choke them and your children to death, but put that along with going bankrupt because of overspending and being MLM scammed, being out of the home for a couple of months, then leaving again by yourself for a few days, a little crazy mixed in, and this consequence is not surprising to me.

Update: Looks like I was right about her, see this link about half-way down the page, when her former car dealership boss is talking about them: ‘Everyone Liked Him’: Did Colorado Dad Chris Watts Lead a Double Life? ( which states, among many other weird things, ““He was very passive,” said Greg Alore, who hired Shanann at a Ford dealership when the couple first moved to Colorado. “She was very aggressive with him. Bossy. Do this. Do that. Telling him what to do. Dominating the relationship. That I do know.””

This doesn’t excuse him choking her and their 2 daughters, but it does show it takes two to tango.

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