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Herbalife Breaking Virtually ALL FTC Settlement Criteria

Coming out about the same time as the Oklahoma lawsuit from yesterday, Christine Richard is doing a fantastic job for Bill Ackman by exposing numerous FTC settlement violations:

Memo 1.Herbalife Events System

Memo 2.Millionaire Team Member Memo 3.Top Distributor Garrain Jones Memo 4.Presidents Team Member Alan Rodriquez Memo 5.Presidents Team Member Bill Garvey Memo 6.Top Distributors in Boston Memo 7.Active Supervisor Designation Memo 8.Leadership Development Weekends Memo 9.Herbalife CEO Rich Goudis Memo 10.Herbalife Fitness Transformations Memo 11.Team Beauty Transformation Program Memo 12.According to Team Beauty Distributor in Puerto Rico Memo 13.Mexico Presidents Team Member Angelica Cruz Memo 14.Team Beauty Recruitment Expanding into Oklahoma Memo 15.According to Team Beauty Distributor in New Mexico Memo 16.Coach Training Program Memo 17.Presidents Team Member Candyce Johnson Memo 18.According to an Oklahoma distributor Memo 19.Herbalife Nutrition Club Operators Memo 20.Herbalife distributors are buying shakes Memo 21.Herbalife distributors are offering shakes Memo 22.Master de Clubes Business Method Memo 23.As Presented by Andres Gutierrez Memo 24.Herbalife distributor recruit with income ranges Memo 25.Leading to financial freedom Memo 26.Expensive Apartment to Promote Business Memo 27.More Retirement security than a job Memo 28_ Mette Hyldagaard 1000 in residual income Memo 29.Jorge and Disney Able to Start Family Memo 30.Photos of Life Before and After Memo 31.Erika and Javier Martin Opulent Lifestyles Memo 32.Lisa Arnold Quit Your Job Memo 33.Craig Morehead Freedom Memo 34.Six and Seven Figure Incomes Memo 35.Earning Thousands of Dollars Memo 36.Income Testimonials Misrepresent Memo 37.Lori Baker Personal Faiing Memo 38.IPad Promotion Memo 39.Ordering System Blocked Undocumented Sales Memo 40.Ethics Dept is Facade

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