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Another Big Fish Is Jumping Out Of The Amway Pond(scum)

Although not yet public information, just like the recent Amway CFO leaving Amway (see earlier post here: and he was just “permanently” replaced, with permanently in quotes because Amway CFOs don’t last very long:, another fish(y) Amway executive is “retiring,” see Amway employee memo below, which was provided by an Amway mole (thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Mole!):

Employee MEMO
October 6, 2017
To All U.S. Corporate Employees
From Steve Van Andel, Chairman and Doug DeVos, President


After 36 years of outstanding commitment and service to Amway, Jim Payne, Vice Chairman, has decided to retire.

Jim is a proven global executive who has built and led our businesses across Asia, Europe and the Americas. His people-oriented leadership transcends cultures and nationalities. He has built strong relationships with our ABOs, employees, government officials, and strategic business partners in every region of the world. We will miss Jim’s keen ability to understand people of all cultures, identify talent and inspire trust.

Jim joined Amway in 1981, starting in the Sales Division. During his tenure, he served as Vice President of New Market Development, where his leadership was instrumental through the biggest period of global expansion in the company’s history. Jim also served as President of Amway Japan, General Manager of Australia and Germany, Regional Manager for Poland and Switzerland, Managing Director of Latin America, North America, Korea, and Thailand, and ultimately Regional President of Asia Pacific and Global Sales. Over the years, Jim and his family lived in Australia, Thailand, Japan and Germany so he could have a higher level of hands on engagement with our ABOs, employees and the business.

Most recently, Jim has been serving as Vice Chairman, where he provides experienced counsel to the Office of the Chief Executive.

While Jim will be retiring from day-to-day activities at Amway on January 1, 2018, we have asked him to stay involved on a consultant basis. Jim’s knowledge, experience, appreciation and respect for ABOs will continue to be a great asset to us moving forward. He will participate in corporate meetings at our request, and also provide support for AmwayNEXT goals and strategies.

Please join us in thanking Jim for his many years of dedicated service and wishing him well in his retirement.

Now, back to reality – I hope you’re happy Jim, to have spent a huge chunk of your adult life being in positions of “leadership” within the largest and most abusive MLM scam on the planet.

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