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Amway Wiki Leaks – Part II

Some new questions and answers from Amwayland employees, to follow up on the previous post, below, and things are still not going well, as can be seen by the new information:

Amway Wiki Leaks


Q. Wondering now that morale is really low with the recent cuts/”separations” and uncertainty as we’ve been told this is one of many to come… What are the plans to help energize and keep good people so they don’t leave?

A. There are lots of things we are doing as an Enterprise and within functional groups. For example, we will continue to have open and transparent communication about our business, where we are headed and our plans to get there so that employees know where, when and how to engage to make a difference. With change comes opportunity. Yes, there will be things we will stop doing, but there are also new things we will need to start doing. We have to work as teams to figure out how to do things that need to continue in different ways –more efficient, effective and creative in order to meet the needs of our ABOS. We also have to work together to anticipate what aren’t we doing today that we need to do for the future. If you’re not sure where to get involved in your functional area, talk to your upline.

Q. I would like to suggest that at peak lunch times, 11:30am-12:30pm, having a second person at the Roots & Seeds station in Amici. I love the offerings, but waiting in line for 20+ minutes is a drag. I understand that Europa offers a salad bar, but to get the same salad, the cost would be at least 2X more expensive–the salads in Amici are a great value!

A. Thank you for your feedback regarding food services. Eurest staff are aware of the concerns regarding wait time for the Amici salad station and are evaluating options to minimize the wait time. Some of the reasons that impact the wait time include 1) the average customer takes longer than one minute to decide on their salad choices – knowing what you want in advance will help reduce wait time for everyone, 2) the Amici set up was not originally designed for this type of salad service and subsequent volume. A review of the physical design is being considered, as well as options to divert traffic to reduce wait time. We appreciate your patience as Eurest staff look for ways to improve your customer experience.


Q. Has Amway started selling Amway products on Amazon?

A. We realize this is a concern for IBOs and we are taking the issue of unauthorized product sales very seriously. Amway continually evaluates various strategies in dealing with the websites as well as the individual sellers.

Amway is committed to selling its products only through IBOs. This method helps ensure an equal opportunity for all IBOs. Also, when Amway products are sold or redistributed through third party venues, it’s difficult for consumers to know if products being purchased are genuine Amway products, counterfeit, expired or have been tampered with.

The Rules of Conduct prohibit IBOs from selling product on retail websites like Amazon and eBay. Amway monitors these sites daily, and IBOs linked to this behavior have been sanctioned, and even terminated. Since 2011, over 1,500 IBOs have been sanctioned, which includes over 700 suspensions/terminations. Additionally, over 10,000 images/text have been taken down from eBay, Amazon and Taobao due to copyright infringement. Amway has even gone so far as to take legal action against eBay Power Sellers to try to put a stop to this type of selling.

Amway continues to allocate resources toward unauthorized sales activity, and to educate IBOs on the fact that unauthorized selling will not be tolerated.


Q. With sales down and inventory getting older, have we considered possibly a BOGO type sale? Such a plan may help alleviate stock/scrap issues but more importantly help the ABOs by allowing for sales of their own and ultimately get product in the hands of more people.

A. Thank you for sharing your BOGO idea to boost sales. We agree it is always best to get products into the hands of our IBOS for them to use to grow their business. For those products in which we have excess, we do put together promotions that include discounts such as buy 2 get x% off. You may sometimes see these featured either in our mini catalog or online holiday promotions. The good news is that Amway North America does not have a high level of excess inventory as we closely monitor inventory levels against past and forecasted sales and adjust as needed.


Q. Under current law, it is still legal to discriminate against an employee based on sexual orientation. What does Amway do to make employees who are LGBT+ feel welcome and that their jobs are secure from threats of this nature, particularly when company owners have personally donated to causes that support this discrimination?

A. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is prohibited at Amway and any violations to this policy should be reported immediately, as stated in our Employee Handbook. But beyond policy, at Amway, we want all employees to be treated with respect, to feel valued and have a sense of belonging at the company. Let’s face it, we want to win in the space we compete. And to do that, we need to attract, retain, develop and promote the best talent, and the best talent comes in all forms and from all backgrounds and we welcome you. As part of our Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we are taking actions to help foster a more inclusive culture for all employees at Amway. Although not a comprehensive list, we are:
• Learning about unconscious bias and how to interrupt it in the workplace.
• Learning how to have conversations about our differences, which at times may feel uncomfortable, but are necessary to truly learn how to be effective workplace allies and support each other in our individual and collective success.
• Learning that we aren’t defined by only one or two dimensions of diversity – our identity is made up many diversity dimensions that make us unique. In that sense, each person is a Culture of One. To learn more about this, we are offering activities to explore this about ourselves and as teams


Q. How can 2nd shift schedule a screening for Optimal You when there are only two days available for p.m., and I am on vacation that week? Will there be any more p.m. slots available further into the calendar year?

A. An additional, 2nd shift date is available on July 27th however, if there is not an appointment that will work with your schedule, please reach out to Circle Wellness at 1-866-682-3020 ext 207 for assistance.


Q. I moved (new address) a couple months back – I realized that my pay statement has me paying taxes for my old address (city tax) – I updated my employee file info today, with an effective back date to my original moving day. Will the update to my employee file (HROnline) reflect on my next pay statement for the correct city tax?

A. To add or update city tax withholding, complete the City Employee’s Withholding Certificate for City Income Tax form (E6522) on the electronic forms library. Once Payroll receives the completed form, the deduction is applied to the next hourly or salaried payroll run. This information is also available on the Payroll/ADP site If you have questions, contact Payroll at 616-787-1200. You can also email them at


Q. If eligible, were the 90 some employees that were let go last week allowed to “retire” or were they just severed?

A. Thank you for asking. The retiree-eligible employees will be able to access all the benefits of that status.


Q. Who can I talk to when I do not feel supported or treated consistent with our Values by management?

A. Please call x8600, leave your name, department and contact information, and ask to speak with Employee Relations. The details we request above are necessary to get you to the right Employee Relations Specialist.


Q. What is taking so long to post the meeting minutes of Speak Up? The last one was 03/29/2017 and it is 05/02/2017! Are you editing your answers before posting it?

A. The answers to the Speak Up questions are routed to various subject matter experts throughout the company to be reviewed for accuracy. This takes time and is dependent on the schedules and project demands for these individuals. Once reviewed, they must all be compiled into one document for posting. We anticipate questions and answers for the March 19 meeting will be posted in the next week.


Q. Why do we have some different policy details, like in vacation, between California and the rest of the US?

A. Two reasons – historical differences (i.e., Nutrilite grew up separate from Ada) and regulatory considerations. Each group has some aspects to their policies that the other group might like better, but we look at the policies as a whole with the goal of ensuring equity and good business practice.


Q. Is there a reason that the Grand Rapids Press announced the jobs being eliminated before a formal announcement was made to all employees?

A. We had planned to post the information on Friday morning but, due to an unforeseen circumstance, the information was not posted until Monday morning. All leaders were informed last week. We apologize for not ensuring employees outside of R&D and Supply Chain received the information in advance of the media releasing it.


Q. Has there been a change to the Call-In/Call-Back Policy? A couple of us had timecards changed and were told we no longer are guaranteed 4 hours for coming in on our days off but the Handbook states:
“Depending on work requirements, you may be called in or called back to work at a time other than your regularly scheduled shift. If you are called to work on Saturday or Sunday you will be paid a minimum of four hours at straight time, or pay for actual hours worked, whichever is greater. If you are called to work on Monday – Friday you will be paid minimum of four hours at straight time, or pay for actual hours worked, whichever is greater.”

A. For individualized questions, please call Human Resources 616-787-8600 or ext. 8600. Provide your name and contact information and ask to be contacted by an Employee Relations Specialist.


Q. Is Amway looking at revising the Retirement Reimbursement account? I ask as when this was set-up, you had to be at least 45 years old with at least 10 years of service as of January 1, 2010. At this time, myself along with a few others had over 20 years of service but were a couple years short of meeting the 45 year old requirement. Example 41 years old, with 25 years of service doesn’t qualify and a co-worker who was 45 with only 10 years of service, does qualify for the monies into a retirement reimbursement account and I won’t. I understand you have to draw a line somewhere, but I also find it a slap in the face to my dedication to this company.

A. At the time the Retiree Reimbursement Account was implemented 1/1/2010, it was a replacement for the years of service subsidy that was attached to the Amway Retiree Health Plans that also ended 12/31/2009. Included in the RRA was an exit strategy to end the program entirely in the future. While Amway appreciates the dedication of all employees, there are no plans to revise the RRA. The age 45 with 10 years of service is exit strategy for the plan.

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