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Le-Vel Gets Leveled

A fellow anti-MLM scam blogger got sued by Le-vel, lost the case, appealed, and won: (160672.op_) The case is being conducted in Texas, where the MLM scam Le-Vel is based, rather than Rhode Island, where the blogger lives. Not sure why the case wasn’t held in Rhode Island, as Amway is based in Michigan and sued me in Texas. While not available to me at the time Amway sued me, MacFarland had the very strong Texas anti-SLAPP statute backing up his First Amendment right to free speech.

As usual, I’ve tried in the past to reach out to this blogger and didn’t get very far. I wish I could have met him and/or attended some of the court proceedings and/or talked with his lawyer, but he doesn’t want to work together to shut down MLM scams.

At least Le-Vel got leveled in court.

My email to the Le-Vel lawyer:

Scott Johnson <>
Apr 2 at 2:44 PM
Glad to see you lost your Le-Vel case: Stop supporting these MLM scams. Now.


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