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Amway Continues To Use Camps To Scam IBOs

The camp described below reminds me of going to Camp Crystal in northeast Florida several times: I literally have a couple of teeshirts to prove I was there. It’s where your Amway upline makes you feel good, so you stay in Amway, so they can scam you more.

Now there’s a similar camp being used for the same purpose in Texas: (Camp Tejas 2017 – Setting The Captives Free!) Who are these scam artists? Just the same ones they’ve always been. The names may change, but the scam goes on and on and on….setting the captives free, quite the opposite. More like financial rape: (March 08th, 2017 – Setting The Captives Free!)

Here’s the “training” outline, notice how the tools are “optional,” then heavily promoted, with the practical effect of the tools being required: (Team ISI Guide 2015) The system is from a different line of sponsorship than I was in, but it’s nearly identical to what we followed, with the exception of updated technology.

Here’s the email I sent to the Texas camp owners:

Today at 9:21 PM

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