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Uganda Gets Scammed By Tiens MLM

This article describes a Chinese MLM scamming people in Uganda:

Yes, that China, the one that outlaws MLMs in China. It may also partially explain why Amway has been going backwards, as their volume is down about 25% over the past 3 years worldwide, and China was the growth engine for the past several years. Note that MLM companies can operate in China, just not use the MLM model. Most use a storefront operation, and many of them cheat. Herbalife is currently being investigated by the SEC and DOJ, as reported on this website recently. The specific nature of the investigation is unknown, but if it is related to what Bill Ackman revealed a couple of years ago, it will be a bloody mess.

What’s interesting is how similar this Tiens scam is to other MLMs around the world. Lack of retail sales, huge time and financial losses, probable tool scams, etc.

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