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Amway Hammered In Vietnam

Amway got hammered by Vietnam recently: Link – Document: Amway found violating multiple regulations on multi-level marketing – News VietNamNet for not making the required government notifications and for not ensuring the Amway distributors actually learned what is on the training website. It reminds me of my time with Amway and the retail rule, which states a distributor must have 10 customers or 50 PV in retail sales (about $150 in core products or several hundred dollars in non-core products) in any given monthly period in order to receive the downline volume bonus. NEVER in my 16 years did I have a single month reaching these requirements, yet I was paid the bonus for every single month I qualified for the bonus. I also NEVER heard the 10 customer/50 PV retail sales rule mentioned a single time by either the corporate side or from my upline, but it is buried in the rules that the upline suggests not reading, and instead listen to them, as the rules are long and complex (which is true). In other words, it’s just a smokescreen/window dressing exercise, whether in Vietnam, the U.S., or around the world.

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