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LegalShield Dumps DSA

Following Avon and Tupperware in recent years, now LegalShield has now quit the DSA, and instead of leaving thinly cloaked messages like by the other two MLMs, Legal Shield put it on the line:

This includes the Legal Shield CEO leaving a DSA Board of Director position, so it isn’t as if LegalShield didn’t have a position of authority within the DSA. Notable LegalShield positions in the above article include, “LegalShield’s commitment to direct selling is stronger than ever; it is exiting the DSA due to concerns about the lack of enforcement of the DSA’s Code of Ethics for its members. As an example, the FTC filed lawsuits against Vemma Nutrition Company, a DSA member, and other companies, such as Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. The DSA failed to enforce its own Code of Ethics against either company.” and “LegalShield is clearly separated from some of the most troublesome issues with the direct selling industry: inventory-loading, including auto-ship of product to be compensated; paying for recruitment versus product sales; and sales only to distributors (few or no retail customers).” OUCH!

All of these companies had experiences similar to mine several years ago with the DSA, where the DSA refused to do anything about Amway’s tool scam. This continued pattern makes it more than obvious that the large scam companies, such as Amway and Herbalife, run the show at the DSA, which is merely the puppet on the string being manipulated by these large scam MLMs.

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