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Another Scam Artist Takes Himself Out

This isn’t an MLM story: but it reminded me of “Dear John” Peterson, who also took himself out when he saw his scammy Herbalife world collapsing in around him, but only after Bill Ackman called out Herbalife to stop their “lead generation” tool scam, of which Peterson was a main violator:

Another interesting aspect of this story is the difference in how Aubrey was portrayed in the above, local paper compared to the NY Times: Aubrey McClendon, Chesapeake Energy Ex-Chief, Dies Day After Indictment – The New York Times Note how he merely “retired” from Chesapeake Energy in the Oklahoma story, but was fired in the NY Times story. This is why it is so important to get your information from more than one source, because the local media was obviously trying to make him out to be a hero, while the out of town paper told the whole truth, that he was probably a crook who didn’t want to be embarrassed and go to prison.

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